Does the most luminous star owes its brightness to the night, or is this simply because it’s more than a star? Unlike the other stars that disappear with the first beam of daylight, Venus remains radiant. It orbits in the direction opposite to the rotation of other planets. Also, Venus is the warmest planet. Venus represents beauty in Roman mythology, so it’s safe to say that Venus in the sky is the embodiment of this beauty. The logo that symbolizes women in this sense is the starting point of our story, and the women who carry this are our protagonists.

The point of the collection: In-sects, raised from the idea of the power of female. Female beetles, however, are a strong quintessence of persistence. The five species that we revived in the collection have one thing in common: indispensability.”

Women have more definitions for ‘time’ than any other being in the universe. Whether it’s a universe of their own creation or a universe that they’re a part of, women determine the orbit. While living in their own timeline, they have the miraculous ability to create another life’s timeframe. For us, Stalactite represents the shape of time and only a woman could depict it so beautifully.

In mythology, the story of women starts with the goddess of the moon, Selene. She represents the light, which in some beliefs is equivalent to “the inner strength”. The Moon, which is the connection between the nature and women, is also seen as the symbol of balance. The cycle of the Moon is in sync with the cycle of women. And in our story, it symbolises the women who won’t lose their strength, shine and balance underneath the city lights.

Olden Collection was more Ethnic than Retro. The ‘story’ has started in 1461, evolved in 1917 by Turkish housewives. The special handmade weaving for gold was named as Trabzon Hasiri in the Black Sea Area. And it was the beginning of jewelry sector. Although it was a traditional jewelry,Herstory re-designed the designs and Olden Collection was re-born in 2018.

How does it feel for a woman to carry a Vodoo Doll? For us, it’s a way of spiritiual healing. Brigette, Legba, Ayida and Erzulie will make you welcome to the world of passsion, trust, energy and love. Wear one of them , believe in your intuition and wait for the magic.

Pave Collection is exquisite delight collection of Herstory. All jewelry in Pave collection have been designed combining with the high quality of diamonds to upgrade each woman’s day. Derived from French word ‘pavement’, the distinctive artistic technique captures the luxury of traditional jewelry set and brings the look of brillance and confidence that every women is asking for.

“Have you ever felt like you’ve been seeing the same stuff everywhere; especially when it’s a luxury gold thing? A star, a heart, maybe it’s your Initial Letter! Herstory is on it, but the brand dares to be different. You can still find a heart; but the real one.”

Innocence – it’s a beauty that is rarely seen. Coming from the nature of women, it forms the aesthetic of the earth surface. In time, this unique notion comes in contact with numerous thoughts, feelings and attitudes, which can only become concrete through intelligence; origami.

“Have you ever felt like you’ve been seeing the same stuff everywhere; especially when it’s a luxury gold thing? A star, a heart, maybe it’s your Initial Letter! Herstory is on it, but the brand dares to be different. You can still find a heart; but the real one.”

Confident women are the ones who are adorned with a shining armour. Just like individual pieces of jewellery, they combine self-confidence, creativity, respect and purity in the most meaningful way possible. Even if their stories change in time, who they are always remains the same, because this combination is the representation of a feminist stance.

The retro style was alluring and elegant . The Initial Plate Collection followed on from the Retro Style, but also adding its own unique individuality. Bold, heavy lines and strong shapes have seen in the collection.

“From the beginning, the runes also had a ritual function, for divination and invocation of higher powers that could affect the lives and happiness of the Indian tribes. The Collection was named as ‘Secret’; and the Secret was based on the law of attraction, claiming that positive thinking can create life-changing results such as increasing health, wealth, luck, and success. The Unity of Women’s Heart is the favorite piece of the collection because of the meaning and the symbol.”

If a woman had one wish what would it be? Success at what you are doing? Health first? Family? Or big family-a baby? Love is all you need maybe? Make a wish collection gives you 7 hints! Choose 1 or why not all?

Maybe you associate the word ‘zodiac’ with astrology, but it has an honored place in astronomy, too. It’s defined by the annual path of the sun across our sky. Herstory recreated the twelve guiding stars of the zodiac in sophisticated lockets to take you thru a journey over our planet. Isn’t it always precious to carry your sign on your jewels?



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